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Eco Valley Advisers Water

Don’t let the water run in the sink, our life’s on the brink!

We support our clients to design, build and deliver sustainable water services through innovative business models. We take a holistic view of not only the administrative processes associated with the establishment of water management institutions, but also the need to carefully balance development benefits and opportunity losses across regions and sectors, through more effective water resources assessment, planning, management and regulation.

Eco Valley Advisers Sanitation

We will never solve poverty without solving sanitation!

We support our client to design, build and deliver sustainable sanitation systems that contribute to clean environments, healthy and happy lives.

Eco Valley Advisers Public Health

Human is Health

We provide technical and strategic advisory services to government agencies, healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, and businesses on a wide range of systemic, policies and implementation issues that are critical to tackling today’s public health challenges.

Eco Valley Advisers Digital

The biggest risk to growth is climate change!

We support our client to integrate measures of climate resilience into planning, design and delivery of projects and promote holistic approaches such as watershed management and improved accounting and management of water resources as response to these challenges. Whenever possible, we also combine adaptation and mitigation strategies in projects we engage.



Our team works in partnership with Fondation Botnar to support the city of Tanga in Tanzania to become a child and adolescent-centred city enabled by Digital Technology and Artificial Inteligence.


We are working with a global toilet manufacturing firm LIXIL to address the global sanitation and hygiene crisis Our work in Tanzania is to ensure marketing and commercialization of the innovative affordable plastic SATO (Safe Toilet) series.


We provide strategic advisory and business support services to the FURSA initiative, an entrepreneurship platform for over 5 million youths in Tanzania.


We are working with the Ministry of Health in Tanzania to strengthen the supply chain and availability of affordable sanitation facilities to households as part of the larger government led national sanitation campaign.


Our team has been contracted by UNICEF to support the Ministry of Water to undertake a detailed assessment of the implementation of the National Water Policy (NAWAPO 2002) to inform the development of the new water and sanitation policy and strategy.


 Water Resources Specialist

Chris De Bont

Water Resources Specialist

Chris is a water resources expert. She is part of the "Transformation to Groundwater Sustainability" project, in which she study how farmers' initiatives can contribute to the development and governance of groundwater resources in Tanzania. She obtained her PhD in Human Geography at Stockholm University in June 2018, where her research focused on irrigation and water management in the Global South where she studied farmer-led irrigation development in the upper Pangani basin in northern Tanzania. Chris leads our work on water.

Associate Consultant

Peter Madoshi

Associate Consultant

Peter is a project management and community development expert with experience on business development and youth practice. He has worked on areas of digital marketing, project designs and implementations. Peter has worked with Local Governments, NGOs and private companies.

Energy and Development Specialist

Jacqueline Senyagwa

Energy and Development Specialist

Jacqueline Senyagwa is an energy and development specialist with a training background in Environmental Science and Natural Resources Management. She has over 8 experience in energy and development issues in a wide range of areas in research, policy and project delivery in the African continent.She has previously worked with the Stockholm Environment Institute Africa Centre at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Nairobi, Kenya.She is currently pursuing her PhD in energy and development at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.